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he British father and son team of Dick and James Strawbridge live on a small farm in Cornwall where they grow and raise what they eat so they can be assured of the best possible food. They’ve added to their collection of books with “Made at Home Breads.” It contains 50 recipes to help…(Read More)

Crowning glory

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n New Orleans, you’ll find King Cake served from Epiphany, the Jan. 6 feast of the three kings who came to bring presents to the baby Jesus, clear through to Mardi Gras which falls on March 4 this year. King Cake is not really cake. It’s a cinnamon roll bread with icing and…(Read More)

n a sweltering mid-September day in Philadelphia (I can’t remember a September day in Philadelphia that wasn’t sweltering), my son-in-law met me and his birthday blackberry pie at the 30th Street train station. It was lunchtime and he knew I’d like a favorite of his, a lamb sausage flatbread…(Read More)

First-class treat

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Kids will love this breakfast as a back-to-school celebration e have a tradition, now into the second generation, of having cinnamon rolls on the first day of school. The recipe is adapted from a very crinkled and spattered page of my Betty Crocker Cookbook. You could wake up at 2 a.m. and…(Read More)

raw ripe tomato, whether alone or mixed in a salad or sliced in a sandwich, is one of the best flavors of summer. That being said, heating a tomato brings out its flavor, concentrating its juices and marrying them with herbs or other ingredients. This recipe dresses up tomatoes with a stuffing made of bread…(Read More)

hen I was growing up, I remember summer dinners of nothing but the ripest tomatoes and corn on the cob. Those two were always family favorites, and those dinners occurred when both were at their absolute best. Back in the day, ripe tomatoes meant big beefsteak or other slicing tomatoes. I don’t even remember…(Read More)

himichurri is an Argentinian fresh herb sauce served over grilled steak. The combination of fresh herbs with the bite of garlic and hot peppers, plus the tang of vinegar mellowed by extra-virgin olive oil, pairs perfectly with a well-seasoned­ grilled steak. There is a kinship with pesto, as recipes from one part of…(Read More)

ather’s Day has its own set of recognized traditions: cards with fishermen or golfers, ties, and barbecuing. I leave you to choose your own cards and ties, but will share a recipe for pulled pork. There’s plenty of opportunity for younger kitchen helpers to measure the ingredients for the rub and sauces. Let…(Read More)

y neighbors over the back fence have always been very generous with their prolific rhubarb plants. While I am on record as voting for strawberry rhubarb pie as the prettiest possible pie (I’ll put it in my top five taste-wise, too), I occasionally use rhubarb in other ways. Cooked down with honey or…(Read More)

an Bagnat (pahn bah nyah, saying the ‘n’ in pan through your nose) is a make-ahead sandwich from the south of France that’s a whole meal, perfect for picnics. The filling is tuna, tomatoes, olives, some greens and a garlicky olive oil. And anchovies. Don’t let the anchovies scare you away. If…(Read More)