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Make sweet and spicy summer dreams come true On a really hot day, the only thing that sounds good to eat is something cold from the freezer. Sarah Engram and Katie Luber, owners of the Seasoned Palate, which produces spice blends, have raised the flavor bar for frozen treats. In “Spice Dreams: Flavored Ice…(Read More)

Silver Spoon Kitchen invites cooks to take an Italian holiday I have a friend to whom Italy speaks. They have not been formally introduced and he doesn't speak Italian, but she speaks to him, inviting him to visit. "Recipes from an Italian Summer" from The Silver Spoon Kitchen will have Italy…(Read More)

Steak is all about celebrating the good things in life Rick Tramonto’s latest book doesn’t hold back from splurging on ingredients for special occasions Steak is, of course, the main focus of Chicago chef Rick Tramonto’s seventh cookbook, “Steak With Friends” written with Mary Goodbody, but this…(Read More)

Yearwood family takes readers to a country kitchen If what you’re looking for is good old down-home cooking, you can’t get much more good old down-home than “Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood: Stories and Recipes to Share With Family and Friends.” Trisha Yearwood, her mother, Gwen, and…(Read More)

Baker finds whole grains add whole lot of flavor Whole-grain baking is an excellent way to introduce new grains into your diet, whether for health reasons or to try new flavors. If you’re used to baking with wheat flour, these other grains may feel similar in the bag, but they taste and…(Read More)

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‘Hands-on’ instructions for serious barbecuing Little grilling book is packed with recipes and information If you find yourself drawn to the outdoor grill when you should be shopping for sandpaper or light bulbs; if the aroma of your neighbor’s grill has you up against the fence; if you find yourself…(Read More)

Alice Waters gets back to basics Anyone who is new to the kitchen would appreciate the step-by-step instructions It’s not that I don’t want to cook on Mother’s Day. It’s that I don’t want to decide what to cook, shop for it, cook…(Read More)

Make quick work of family or company meals The editors at America’s Test Kitchen have found easier ways to get sophisticated dinners on the table Needing to put a meal on the table fast doesn’t mean sacrificing great taste and an element of sophistication. Those busy and prolific editors at America…(Read More)

Chef compiles dishes Mother would have made A Portland restaurant owner fills her book with recipes from “Mothers of the Month” The lack of good home-style cooking in restaurants led to an epiphany for Lisa Schroeder. What the world needed was good food like mothers used to make (or you wished they…(Read More)

Restaurateurs dish up taste of Barcelona Authors say the tapas and other Spanish foods in their restaurants are easy to make at home At their six Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurants in Connecticut, owners Sasa Mahr-Batuz and Andy Pforz-heimer combine the finest ingredients imported from Spain with the freshest local produce to make…(Read More)


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Linger over ‘Venezia,’ then fire up the stove The book is a work of art; and the recipes aren’t bad, either Tessa Kiros opens her newest cookbook with a love letter to the city of Venice, in particular, its food. When you think of the food of Venice, think fresh, fresh…(Read More)

Farm Chicks take readers beyond the kitchen Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson are The Farm Chicks, stay-at-home moms whose annual antique show (plus crafts and food) near Spokane caught the eye of Country Living magazine. This led to the women becoming contributing editors of Country Living, developing a line of products and now…(Read More)

Pair of authors mix it up for home bartenders There is something innately festive about drinking sparkling wine. Maybe it’s the special glasses or those marvelous bubbles, but just looking at the bottle says special occasion. That occasion might be a graduation, a marriage proposal or wedding, the birth of a child or…(Read More)

British baker contends bread should be made at home Bread. It’s a basic food that is at home at any meal. British master baker Andrew Whitley wants it to be on your table, made by your own hands, as often as possible. With this in mind, Whitley has written “Bread Matters: The…(Read More)

Nigella makes any size celebration spectacular Holiday cookbook covers dinner for two or a feast for the entire extended family By Kim Davaz “Nigella Christmas” by Nigella Lawson is a celebration between two covers, with everything necessary, kitchen-wise, for a spectacular Christmas. I should backtrack: While you can make a spectacular Christmas…(Read More)

‘Grand Central’ makes baking a breeze Although we are knee-deep in prime baking season, let’s try to spread the butter and sugar wealth around. Start now, but keep up the good work throughout the year. You will be thanked richly. The Grand Central Bakery in Portland was named one of…(Read More)

Authors spice up everyday dishes Sara Engram and Katie Luber love spices and herbs. They use the term spices to mean both spices and herbs. Some chefs consider the seeds and bark of plants to be spices and the leaves and stems to be herbs. Let’s not quibble. Call them all spices and…(Read More)

Visit the flavors of Scandinavia “The Scandinavian Cookbook” is Trina Hahnemann’s yearlong journey through the beauty and food of Scandinavia, month by month, beginning in January. In her past life, Hahnemann was a caterer to people you may have heard of: Elton John, the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. These days…(Read More)

Generous chef shares secrets to better brunches Brunch, says chef Ron Silver in “Bubby’s Brunch Cookbook” is a flexible, forgiving and fun meal both to make and to eat. His restaurant, Bubby’s in New York City, is anything but fancy. That’s not his style. He prefers to…(Read More)

Escape from L.A. just the ticket Gesine Bullock-Prado lived in Los Angeles and experienced everything that the L.A. lifestyle implies. As head of her sister’s production company (yes, Sandra Bullock, here known as Sandy), Bullock-Prado lived life in the fast lane in L.A. Not Los Angeles, where certainly…(Read More)

Find a favorite page from the past in ‘Best Lost Suppers’ One afternoon in New Jersey, my father, two young cousins and I decided to make rice pudding. It’s hard to find a restaurant or grocery store deli counter in New Jersey that doesn’t offer rice pudding. I found…(Read More)

Neelys sprinkle life story with recipes When it comes to cute, it’s hard to beat Pat and Gina Neely as seen on their Food Network shows, “Down Home With the Neelys” and “Road Tasted With the Neelys.” They delight in each other and they make it hard for viewers…(Read More)

Having too many tomatoes is a delicious dilemma Tomatoes, sun-warmed and sweet: It’s summer held in your hand. This part of summer can last well into September, if the weather holds. A neighbor has a tangle of tomato plants in her backyard, lounging in the sun. Some are large and some are…(Read More)

Child’s ‘Wisdom’ is a dividend of new film A paperback version of “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom” capitalizes on new interest A paperback version of Julia Child’s 2001 book, “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom: Essential Techniques and Recipes From a Lifetime of Cooking,” has been…(Read More)

Nine books on barbecue not enough for these cooks Some days it’s too hot to eat. Some days it’s too hot to think about eating. When it’s that hot, for some, restaurants with air conditioning come to mind. It makes me think about barbecue. Barbecue and sweet tea and…(Read More)

Kitchen store owner shares memories If there’s anyone who would know her way around a kitchen, it’s the owner of a kitchen store. Or many kitchen stores. Renée Behnke and her husband Carl bought the original Sur La Table kitchen store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1995…(Read More)

Recipes sprinkled into fascinating story of boat people “Secrets of the Red Lantern” isn’t a warm memoir of a happy kitchen. Instead, it has hardship (Nguyen family members were among the first boat people to leave Vietnam after the Americans left), embarrassment (think of being a child and daily having to…(Read More)

Barefoot Contessa sticks to simple and delicious Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, has to be one of the happiest cooks on the Food Network. She’s never without a smile or a laugh. What’s not to be happy about? She lives in a gorgeous house – which always appears to be surrounded by…(Read More)

When the barbecue calls, get serious with Adam Lang Chef Adam Perry Lang’s first cookbook is “Serious Barbecue: Smoke, Char, Baste & Brush Your Way to Great Outdoor Cooking” written with JJ Goode and Amy Vogler. This Culinary Institute of America-trained chef began his restaurant work in fancy French restaurants…(Read More)

Cooking for two has never been easier There is no challenge too large or too small for the America’s Test Kitchen crew. In “Cooking for Two 2009: The Years’ Best Recipes Cut Down to Size,” they’ve begun a new annual cookbook to make life easier (and more delicious…(Read More)

Sit on the patio when reading ‘Hot and Spicy’ I don’t often want to rush the changing seasons. I actually like our cold, wet winters as much as the gorgeous springs, warm summers and glorious falls. While reading “Mediterranean Hot and Spicy: Healthy, Fast and Zesty Recipes From Southern Italy…(Read More)

Editors of Relish compile their best “Good food matters” is a favorite saying of a friend of Jill Melton, the editor of newspaper-insert Relish magazine. Melton and the rest of the editors at Relish agree, and they’ve put the favorites of their good food of the past three years into…(Read More)

British chef’s essays are as delightful as his recipes It wasn’t until some British friends discussing what would be made for dinner took “a packet of mince” from the freezer that I realized that the mince in “The Owl and the Pussycat” was ground beef, not mincemeat…(Read More)

Italian chef takes readers on tour of life and kitchen “Urban Italian: Simple Recipes and True Stories From a Life in Food” is an energetic and ambitious look at the professional and home kitchens of chef Andrew Carmellini. Written with his wife, Gwen Hyman, “Urban Italian” is a combination of elaborate…(Read More)

Delicious stories fill Amish cookbook Sometimes a cookbook is as much a collection of stories as it is a collection of recipes. “The Amish Cook at Home: Simple Pleasures of Food, Family and Faith” is that sort of cookbook. Written by Lovina Eicher – writer of the Amish Cook syndicated newspaper column – with her…(Read More)