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Beatles-Platz at the intersection of the Reeperbahn and Große Freihei in Hamburg features stainless steel sculptures of the Beatles. This one of Paul McCartney frames the scene down Große Freihei, the street where the Beatles performed at a number of clubs. They played their first Hamburg date on Aug. 17…(Read More)

The North and Middle Sisters across the lava fields at McKenzie Pass. Went on a 260-mile scooter ride with Bill and Suzy Cole. The scenic route over the Cascades from Eugene to Sisters — and back. The GPS calculated our maximum speed at 108 MPH. If that was true, I wouldn't have…(Read More)

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first photograph in 1826. While “View from the Window at Le Gras” might not be the most spectacular photograph ever made, it was the beginning. The street named for him in the 14th Arrondissement is only a block long. The inventor of photography deserved more…(Read More)

We were on our way to a brocante at the Square des Batignolles in the 17th Arrondissement when we sought refuge from the rain at the Italian restaurant La Gioconda. Lasagna and Pizza Diavola were the orders of the day. The excellent restaurant is located at 1, rue Brochant and it’s open everyday…(Read More)

A thousand things

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There are a thousand things that I love about Paris, but when I walk down the street and turn the corner and see a window in a store, like today at Printemps on Boulevard Haussman, it blows me away. The style and design creativity you see here is staggering, at least to me…(Read More)

It was a mixed sunny and rainy Sunday in Paris. We spent time at a brocante along Avenue Willson in the 8th Arrondissment. Afterward we strolled down the street and found a nice cup of hot chocolate and very friendly waiters at the La Belle Ferronniere, 53 rue Pierre Charron…(Read More)

Le Baron Rouge

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On this particular day they topped off the Cote-du-Rhone cask with a hose that ran from a tank in the cellar. A 2009 bottle of wine with deposit cost about 5.50 Euros. Le Baron Rouge is located in the 12th Arrondissement, near the Ledru Rollin Métro stop on Line 8 and…(Read More)

Travel shoes

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A scene from the Vanves flea market in Paris, which is held on Saturdays and Sundays near the Porte de Vanves on Avenue Marck Sangnier and Avenue Lafenestre in the 14th Arrondissement…(Read More)

The first refreshments of the trip at Café du Marché along rue du Champs de Mars in Paris. Students having their picture made at the Tour Eiffel. Red Vespa along rue Lauriston…(Read More)


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Back to Steve’s Prince of Steaks for a final Philly lunch. You’ve got to say “wizwith” so they understand that you want a cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz and onions…(Read More)

Gigantic flag mural

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A 6,000-square-foot American flag mural painted on the side of a Philadelphia warehouse facing Interstate 95, in a project commemorating the events of Sept. 11…(Read More)

Conductor Anna, approaching Aberdeen. Amtrak 171 had a great conductor. Her name was Anna and I asked if I could get off the train in Aberdeen, to shoot a picture of the sign. She said “just stick with me.” The train station sign in Aberdeen, Maryland — the town where I was born…(Read More)